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in Defense of JEFF LONG

  • okay, I don't like the guy for many reasons, most of those are because he has not done all he could to make the Razorbacks game day the best in the nation.

    That being said, he has not gotten too far off what he told us. He said he would hire a coach AFTER the season. CHECK THAT.

    He said he wanted a guy that could recruit Texas. TO BE SEEN.

    He said he would keep JLS to the end. CHECK THAT

    He said it would be 10-14 days (about a week in) TO BE SEEN

    He said he wanted it to be a TOP coach with TOP pay TO BE SEEN

    So he is still about where he told us he would be.
    He has not said much in public so most of what we know is BS from many sources.

    Now, he has a great chance to clean all this up, make a great hire that shuts up most all his attackers and get pats on the back from sporst people coast to coast.

    When I say clean this up, I mean he better explain to the Razorback fans why he allowed Miles and Franklin (and others) to use him and the UofA like they have.

    Long has to show his manhood and set the record straight on how and why he let his name and the UofA be used and abused without a peep.

    And last, I do not want to see him smile anymore than I wanted to see John L. smile.

    If he is in public, I want to see him as all business. The fan base has suffered greatly under Jeff Long and while he and John L. got their fat checks, many people got hurt finacially this year.

    So Jeffy can pull himself out of this ditch but by more than just a happy face presser, I want the man to talk to us. If anybody tells me to smile, I might hurt them :)

  • wps88

    Defense? Did you say defense? Arkansas doesn't know what the hell defense is. We couldn't stop anyone this year.

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    BornToBeRed said: WPS, just a head's up. We might be the most family-friendly board on the network, so take it easy on your normal wps-ness.

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    I'm only responsible for what I SAY, not for what YOU UNDERSTAND.

  • HogFever....

    Thanks for the reminder that we are aren't way off the rails on the timeline that has been laid out...

    It only seems that way because of the dynamic that goes on in social media or any board these days...

    Reminds me of the game people used to play called start with one "original" whispered message and then it goes from person to person around a circle and by the time it has gone full circle you have a phrase that is nothing that resembles the original message...

    This situation being nothing more than whispers and sources (to us outsiders...I have no sources) lends itself to a great degree of speculation and misinterpretation....this search and its parameters have been lost in the retelling

    Jeff Long's timeline and criteria for the search (you outlined) has somehow morphed....into w!

    We now live in a world where our instant gratification for information isn't quite good enough because we want it yesterday! We want the latest news or message (can I call it gossip?) first so we can telephone the next guy in the circle ... and so on ...and so on....and so on...

  • I am just saying Long said he would not fire JLS.....not saying I was happy about it

    I don't think people would be near this insane right now IF we had just had a better season

    I am _______ tired of being college football's laughing stock while JL and JLS get to smile and buy nice Christmas presents :)

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