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UCLA and Miami or FSU

  • those schools all had such a big lead on the Big 3 offensive line guys and that is a shame.

    After looking around at other teams recruiting, I have been a little shocked at how desperate so many top teams are........for guys on the OL.

    I am so very glad we have Pittman and desperatly want at LEAST one more guy out of that group.

    Johnson would be the most ;ogical. He likes Nebraska but a Texas kid going to play those schools in the Big 10 is nothing like what we will be offering (playing some in Texas and all across the SEC.

    Also, two kids from Miami would be a dozen homeruns. Our biggest needs are RB and OL and you get lucky and add Collins and Kirkland....anything else is gravey

    Anyway, try not to get down when we start losing these 3 OL guys and go Hog crazy if we can pull one our way