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ELECTION DAY: Pick the next coach

Hawgs247 refuses to be left out of the action as Americans flock to the polls and cast their votes today.

So with that in mind – and just for fun – we’ve temporarily trimmed our Arkansas coaching hot board, identifying the candidates most likely to become the Razorbacks’ next football coach.

And again, just for fun, we’ve separated the pool of candidates into three parties – the Arkansas Party, Insiders Party and Up-and-Comers Party.

Read on to pick your party, and then choose your guy. In the comments section, cast your vote for the candidate you think will become the Head Hog, and tell us why you want him or why he’ll get the job.

Do your part to help keep the pulse of Razorback Nation. Cast your vote!

We’ll see in roughly one month whether Athletic Director Jeff Long agrees with your pick.

The Arkansas Party

The Platform

The Land of Opportunity, as the state of Arkansas was once known, is primed to see its flagship program rise to the next level. Who better to guide the Razorbacks to prosperity than veteran coaches with strong ties to the state? The Arkansas Party knows what Arkansas needs, and having a native son call the shots during this pivotal time is the best course of action.

The Candidates

Butch Davis, adviser, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Charlie Strong, head coach, Louisville

Tommy Tuberville, head coach, Texas Tech

The Insiders Party

The Platform

There are red-hot coaches ready to become a Razorback and take Arkansas to a level of competition not seen since J. Frank Broyles roamed the sidelines. The Insiders Party remains tuned in to what the leadership is doing and saying. Put simply: The current athletic administration is poised to make a home run hire, and one of our prominent candidates will shock the sports world by making the jump.

The Candidates

Mike Gundy, head coach, Oklahoma State

Gary Patterson, head coach, TCU

The Up-and-Comers Party

The Platform

Many Arkansans have experienced the burden of coaching searches in the not-too-distant past, and we have become well aware of the difficulties of hiring a football coach. The Up-and-Comers Party believes in honest talk. Renewing the Razorback Dream won’t be easy, but our young candidates have the passion, energy and know-how to get this proud program headed in the right direction.

The Candidates

Sonny Dykes, head coach, Louisiana Tech

James Franklin, head coach, Vanderbilt

Butch Jones, head coach, Cincinnati

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