Contract details revealed

Arkansas’ new football coach, Bret Bielema, will earn $3.2 million a year for six years, with additional incentives of up to $700,000 annually, according to the letter of agreement released Wednesday by the university.

Bret Bielema

Additional details of the agreement:

Termination for convenience

The UA, through a third-party guarantor (the Razorback Foundation), will pay Bielema $12.8 million if he is terminated for convenience during the first three years of the deal. In Year 4, that amount drops to $9.6 million; in Year 5 $6.4 million; and in Year 6 $3.2 million.

Any partial years shall be prorated.

Bielema’s UA buyout

If Bielema chooses to terminate his contract for convenience, he will owe the university the following amounts:

Year 1 – $3 million
Year 2 – $2.5 million
Year 3 – $2 million
Year 4 – $1.5 million
Year 5 – $1 million
Year 6 – $500,000

Wisconsin buyout

Arkansas will pay Bielema’s $1 million buyout at Wisconsin.

Covenant not to compete

Bielema agrees not to accept employment in any coaching capacity at any SEC institution prior to the expiration date and any extensions.

Athletic incentives

Bielema can earn the following incentives for athletic achievements, with a cap of $500,000 a year:

Win SEC Championship Game – $100,000
Win national championship – $350,000
Appear in national championship game – $300,000
Appear in semifinal playoff game (beginning in 2014) – $200,000
Appear in non-title BCS bowl game (or Sugar Bowl beginning in 2014) – $150,000
Appear in the Capital One Bowl or Cotton Bowl – $100,000
Appear in any other bowl game – $50,000
SEC Coach of the Year – $50,000
National Coach of the Year (as determined by an award recognized by the UA) – $25,000

Academic incentives

Bielema can earn the following incentives for academic achievements, with a cap of $200,000 a year:

Academic Performance Rate (APR)
940 – $25,000
960 – $25,000
980 – $25,000
990 – $25,000
Cumulative total: $100,000

Graduation Success Rate (GSR)
60 percent – $25,000
65 percent – $25,000
70 percent – $25,000
75 percent – $25,000
Cumulative total: $100,000

Standard benefits

Bielema is receiving major medical and employer furnished optional life insurance; employer furnished disability insurance; university contribution to a retirement program; sick leave; tuition reduction for himself and other standard benefits provided to nonclassified, nonacademic university employees.

Additional benefits

Bielema will receive a 12-seat skybox for all football home games and 20 additional complimentary tickets. He’ll receive club memberships to The Blessings and Fayetteville Country Club, as long as they are made available to the university. Moving expenses will be paid by the university.

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